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(= come about) one thing is certain to turn up → irgendetwas passiert schon; issues have a pattern of turning up → irgendwie findet sich alles; it’s awesome how factors change up → es ist manchmal erstaunlich, wie sich die Dinge finden

= deflect → abbringen; measures to turn young people from criminal behaviour → Maßnahmen, um junge Leute or Jugendliche von kriminellem Verhalten abzubringen; almost nothing will change him from his function → nichts wird ihn von seinem Vorhaben ablenken or abbringen

switch - change orientation or way, also inside the summary feeling; "Transform toward me"; "The mugger turned and fled ahead of I could see his deal with"; "She turned from herself and realized to pay attention to Some others' requires"

a. To alter the placement of so that the underside turns into the upper facet: turn the steak; transform a website page.

flip - trigger to alter or develop into some thing different;suppose new characteristics; "The princess turned the frog right into a prince by kissing him"; "The alchemists tried to change guide into gold"

division, section, portion - on the list of parts into which something is considered divided and which alongside one another constitute an entire; "the penned A part of the Examination"; "the finance segment of the corporate"; "the BBC's engineering division"

CCP 1013: “…The support is full at time with the deposit, but any duration of detect and any suitable or obligation to do any act or make any response within any interval or on a date certain following the assistance on the document, which time frame or day is prescribed by statute or rule of court, shall be extended 5 calendar times, upon services by mail, When the location of address as well as the spot of mailing is within the State of California, ten calendar days if possibly the position of mailing or even the area of handle is outside the house the State of California but inside the United States, and twenty calendar times if both the position see post of mailing or perhaps the area of deal with is outside The us.”

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development - a the latest function which includes some relevance for your existing condition; "modern developments in Iraq"; "what a revolting development!"

turn - to interrupt and switch in excess of earth Particularly which has a plow; "Farmer Jones plowed his east discipline previous week"; "switch the earth within the Spring"

switch - have recourse to or make an enchantment or request for assist or data to; "She known as on her Consultant that can help her"; "She turned to her relatives for assist"

switch - cause to change or become a thing different;believe new properties; "The princess turned the frog into a prince by kissing him"; "The alchemists attempted to flip direct into gold"

flip all over, reversal - turning within an reverse route or placement; "the reversal on the graphic during the lens"

change, transform, modify - result in to change; make unique; bring about a metamorphosis; "The arrival in the automobile might have altered the growth pattern of the town"; "The dialogue has changed my serious about The difficulty"

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